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Nail Techs Help Stop Nail Biting

May 17th, 2010

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Bitten nails look ugly, and the habit of biting nails is not at all attractive and not very hygienic.  But habits can be very hard to break.  If you have ever tried to break a nervous habit like this, then you know how difficult it can really be.  Don’t be too discouraged though, your nail tech is here to save the day!

Over at there are quite a few tips about how to keep from biting your nails.  The video explains a few techniques anyone can use to really help them kick the habit and get their nails looking beautiful in the process.  I think my favorite is this though:

Nail biting is a nervous habit that can be stopped by keeping the nails polished, seeing a nail technician every week and applying a bitter polish as a base and top coat.

Bitter nail polish, Eww :P, great tip though.  I think the weekly manicure is the best tip i have heard in a while though.  The psychology at work to keep your nails nice for your nail tech reminds me of the phenomena of how i keep my house cleaner when i know that someone is going to come clean my house in a week.

Check out the video here:

Do you have any tips for nail biting besides these?  do you think they will work?

 Nail Techs Help Stop Nail Biting

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