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Gel Nails

February 7th, 2010

2988532267 620fd06c76 Gel NailsGel nails are a new type of false nail that has a very high gloss and natural shine.  Gel nails are also referred to as uv gel nails, gels, and gel tips among other things.  Gel nails are a very natural looking enhancement because they are thin, clear, flexible and they are non porous which makes them much easier to shape after they have been hardened.  They can be filed down and they will not pit because of the way that their molecules combine.

What Are Gel Nails Made Of?

Gel nails are made of a monomer polymer cross linked gel structure that can be cured either by a special liquid activator, or more commonly by UV light.  these light cured gels  are referred to as uv gel nails.  Gel nails have been around for a much shorter time than acrylics, but they have already taken over most of Europe when it comes to false nail enhancements.  The United States and the rest of the world will not be far behind when it comes to this new and interesting nail technology.

Gel nails have the flexibility to take the place of a natural manicure by giving a natural look to the nails, while extending the time between necessary manicures due to their great durability and strength.  although gels are not quite as strong as acrylics, the fact that they do not yellow and are much less likely to lift the nail if done incorrectly makes them a much safer choice for most.

The majority of false nail enhancements have a tendency to cause injury to infection to a nail if they are done incorrectly, but due to the nature of gel nails, that doesn’t always have to be the case.  Another huge advantage that gel nails seem to have over acrylics specifically is that they cure in a much shorter time than acrylics.  When UV gels are used with a  good uv lamp, the nails can cure in as little as 1 minute but more commonly average at 2 or 3 minutes, especially with colored gels.  Gels can also come in various textures and viscountcies to give a multitude of tools to a professional nail technician while working with a client.  Gels are usually odorless, which can be a big relief for anyone who has been working with or who has received an acrylic manicure in the past.

Gel Nails Are Good, But Not That Good…

Some negatives of gels is that they can be very difficult to remove, and they tend to be a bit pricier than acrylic nails.  it is also not recommended that one uses nail polish over gels and instead they get gels that are the color that they are looking for.  it can be a bit more difficult to do gel nails at home if you are a home manicure buff.  It has been mentioned that gel nails don’t tend to last as long as acrylic nails, but it is important to note that gels, if they break, can rarely be repaired at home, and you may need to see your nail technician quickly to get the gel filled.

To learn more about gel nails, feel free to have a look around the site.  I you are a nail technician looking for nail training with gel nails, we also have resources that will help you find what you need. / CC BY-NC-SA 2.0

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