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Nail Training in Nail Technician Courses, Is it Enough?

October 3rd, 2009

You receive education and training to better your future.  Once you get a certificate, a degree or a diploma from an education series or nail tech school, the last thing you want to hear is that you didn’t get the right nail training.  You always want to make sure that you spent your time and money in the right place to help you reach all of your current goals, and hopefully many of your future, unforeseen goals as well.

When it comes to making sure that your nail training will take you as far as you need, you want to make sure that the education you are receiving for your nail technology license covers all the standard material that you will need so that you can work as a nail technician where you are planning on working.  This mean that you should take your nail training in the area, or from the area as is the case with online classes, that you plan on working.  I once knew a girl who had to take a second basic nail tech training course so that she could get an ITEC accredited license, because she wanted to work as a nail tech giving manicures and pedicures on a cruise ship and her license did not cover her work on the water.  So, make sure that while you are taking your nail tech courses, all your bases are covered and that you get the highest quality and fullest nail technician training you can.

Study Well To Pass Your Nail Tech Course Exam

If you are currently taking a nail technician course at your local community college, or at a beauty school or salon, you want to make sure that you finish that course before anything else and make sure to pass your nail tech exams with flying colors.  It would be silly to change your course now after you have already started getting your foundation of nail training and education.  You can always add nail training courses later into your own curriculum, or take them after you have received your certification.  The more you can learn at this stage, the better, so make sure to study any resources you can get your hands on, and practice, practice, practice.  In a previous post I talked a little bit about how you should prepare for your nail training exams, so make sure to check that out.

If you are looking for resources to study beyond whatever materials were provided for you, check out the nail technician exam secrets first.  There are also plenty of other resources in there.  What resources do you all like to use?

Take Master Nail Training to Increase your Skills

If you are already a licensed nail technician that is working in the field currently, or looking to get back to your nail career and need a little refresher, it is always a great idea to take a home study or short course to brush up on and improve your current skills.  With the short courses, it is also always very beneficial to meet others in your profession in your area.

Some of you need to get continuing education units for your nail training, to keep your license current, and some of you are looking to increase your income and your service by mastering new skills and learning more about how top nail technicians perform.  If this is you, you should try a master nail tech course or talking with our salon owner about what extra trainings they may need to provide for you.

Become a True Nail Artist

Some of you may have a more exotic clientele or may just really enjoy the more creative side of the nail business, and for you all i would suggest learning as much as you can about nail art.  I have seen some really amazing nails out there, and many of them are some of the most creative works of art on tiny little canvases.  Nail artistry is really a growing field, and its FUN!  if you haven’t had a chance to check out a really cool nail art class or haven’t seen anybody do some cool stuff on youtube, you should go poke around and see what some of these creative individuals are doing.  Whether its just using varnish, or using acrylic or gel nails, there is a lot that you can do with your brushes and a little creativity that you haven’t even thought of yet.

Acrylic and gel nail training are the basic building blocks of nail art, but there are many more specific training techniques and process techniques that you will want to pick up from a teacher or whoever you choose to be your nail art guru.  One other to get good with gel or acrylic nail art besides taking a gel nail training course would be to find a local nail competition, attend, and talk to some of the champs.  Better yet, you can even compete yourself!

If you are a nail hobbyist or a nail technician with a creative flair that you don’t always get to express, then i highly recommend you check out a short nail art course in your area or trying out some of the home based nail art training courses from essential nails, i have heard some really good reviews about them although i haven’t tried them myself.

Know What You Want Out of Your Nail Career

I think with any career, you should always set lofty goals and go for them with vigor while taking massive action.  Learn as much as you can, set yourself up to move forward as best you can with what you have to get yourself rolling in the direction you want to go, and you will always do well in your chosen field.

In the salon business, i think this starts with becoming a master nail technician, becoming the best in your area.  Another common goal is to own the salon you work in, build a business, and own your own shop, or nails training center.  Many nail technicians, have moved on and up into owning their own nail shop, or opening a nail school, which has given them the opportunity to enjoy the fruits of anther’s labor.

Whether you see yourself in an owner position, or a brilliant nail artist’s position, you can always benefit from learning more about the business end of the field you are in.

If you really want to learn to build your customer base as a nail technician, you need to learn about marketing for yourself.  This can be as simple as asking your customers to refer you to their friends, and can be as advanced or as complicated as you want, but at the end of the day the principles of marketing yourself and your services have very few variations, and you will learn these in time.  If you are looking to learn about how to market yourself as a nail technician in your area, or you are looking to keep your clients coming back happy, then there are many resources available to you.

This course has a few marketing secrets of successful nail technicians that may be useful.  Another resource that is focused highly on customer retention and customer rapport is Nail Salon Success.  This course focuses on relating to your customers in a beneficial way.  After you have improved your nail art skills, and your treatment, getting more people in the door and into your chair is always going to be a top priority, so even if the course above is not for you, make sure to pick up a book about about marketing a small business and learn about customer acquisition and retention, the value will last you a lifetime, and help you really stretch your nail training far.

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nail technician training

What you need to know about Nail Technician Courses

August 18th, 2009

spaceball What you need to know about Nail Technician Courses

Are you interested in becoming a nail technician or nail artist?  Then you have come to the write place.  Lets look at why you should take nail technician courses so you can become a licensed professional in nail art.

Do what you Love

First off, as with any career move, you need to ask yourself some questions, more specifically you need to ask yourself if you like what you’ll be doing.  Do you like nails?’ Would you consider yourself an artistic person?  Do you enjoy fashion?  are you good with your hands?

Do you like meeting new people?  If you answered yes to these questions, then you will probably love being a Nail Tech.

Make Some Money Too 😉

Also when looking at a career move, you probably want to know whether you will make good money.  nail technician Courses can be great for people looking to start a new and lucrative career.  Many Nail Technicians have reported making a thousand dollars a week right after starting, and some courses are as short as 16 hours long.  But don’t take my word for it, just browse around yahoo answers with Nail Technician or nail technician courses to see for yourself.  Whether you are doing fake nails, like acrylics, or all natural nails, you can charge anywhere from 50 dollars and up depending on your skill and reputation.

Types of Nail Technicians

Another question we have to ask is where are

you going to be working?  Do you want to open your own salon?  Do you want to work for a salon near you?  Or do you want to work as a mobile nail technician and do nail art in people’s homes?  To keep things as simple as possible we are going to assume that you will be working in a nail salon or a general beauty salon, or are planning on being a mobile nail tech.

Find your Fashionista Guru

The best place to start to find nail technician courses is at the salon you are planning on working at, ask them if they have a class that they send new girls to or if there is a training course through the salon itself.  If they don’t, you can ask one of the nail techs themselves or you can head down to your local community college.  They will usually have a course that you can take to get started.

How much do nail technician courses cost?

The cost for nail technician courses will be different where ever you go and whatever you are studying.  But you need to make sure that you become a licensed cosmetologist and pass all of your sanitation requirements.  You don’t want to start your

new career with fines do you?  Decide on learning a few skills as a newbie.  If you are going to do fake nails, then learn gel nails first as they are probably the easiest, then move on to acrylic nails as they are probably the most popular, then you will have a great feel for what you like and is good for your career.

Natural Nails for those with sensitive Noses

If you don’t like breathing a lot of chemicals and hate the smell, then i would suggest learning as much as you can about natural nails, because you won’t have to use half of the noxious chemicals you would for acrylics.  check out OPI (a nail polish brand) cause they have some really great products and also courses in different regions.

101120892 a28190be74 What you need to know about Nail Technician Courses

In Summary

Make sure you like nails, make sure the income is what you’re expecting, find out where you would enjoy working and how, ask around for what the best nail training or courses in your area may be, and find out how much it will cost.  I wish you luck in all your beautiful endeavors.  Till next time simple smile What you need to know about Nail Technician Courses

Shellac over nail tips as commonly used by the customers

October 26th, 2011
21 225x300 Shellac over nail tips as commonly used by the customers


Hearing about the word manicure will instantly gives you an idea about the method of cleaning nails and the application of nail polish like shellac over nail tips or even putting some adornments on it, Although some will be having this kind of idea, manicures really offers a lot more. Actually there can be numerous of grounds why to mull over and give significance to manicures in adding up to of your everyday living habits. In fact, it has been pragmatic and deems to believe that if women bestow awareness and care to this smallest feature of hygienic, neat hands in that case this means that she is in the main exceptionally meticulous regarding the tiniest things in her living, imagine profound and gives importance to minute details and that is a helpful points.

There are many varieties of nail polish and nail arts that is now nail customers are using. The most popular of them all is the new kind of artificial nails which what they called shellac gel nail. This kind of fake nails is more durable and strong it can last up to 2-3 weeks. You do not have to worry about the chipping and peeling at the edge of the nails. This is perfect for nail arts whether your nails are short or long. Shellac over nail tips are commonly used by the customers in a lot of nail salons. The color does not fade off easily and the polish is dried up completely after going out the salon, no mess and blemishes at all. The removal of shellac is much easier than any other new nail manicures; all you need is to soak and drenched your nails in an acetone after 10 minutes the shellac nail polish will be easily remove. This kind of nail polish is a great offer for you.

Making your nails look good will actually be appreciated not only by yourself but also you can have some compliments from other people who will notice your fascinating hands. It a result you will gain much more confidence and some kind of happiness within you.  A little exertion of your effort to make you more beautiful will actually give you a lot of appreciation and importance, and a bunch of attention for a good side of it. One of your greatest assets will be your gorgeous hands. It is a plus in giving you a good poise, attitude, personality and well being.

Shellac over nail tips with nail art design

October 26th, 2011

Previously well thought-out to be a lavish hands treatment for the well-off women is having a fantastic manicure. These professional cares for the hands and fingernails have now consecutively turn out to be one of the loads of necessities of a these days contemporary women. And they have become conscious on how significant it is to be careful of hands and formulate it to appear fine. In spite of everything they are the ones responsible to apiece and all thing for us, as a result treating and well grooming them is a way of giving them a full blast of greatness and gladness for its helpful use. Above and beyond, for a lady in particular, it is constantly very vital to provide facts to her minute fine points such as hands, feet, teeth etc. taking heed of personality provide her wisdom of self-assurance and compose her to experience well regarding her.

11 Shellac over nail tips with nail art design


It is very important to choose a right manicure to secure safety and enjoyment as well. Nail polish application is a big additional detail to complete the whole fascinating look of a woman’s manicure. It is either acrylic or shellac over nail tips, and some adjoined decoration like flower nail art and other nail art designs she may prefer to have.

Some woman is not into manicures for they are having a hectic and busy work to have a set of this. But always be aware the nail manicure is not just a matter of making nails and hand look good and for you to feel good as well. Cleaning nails will remove the dead skin of your hands, exfoliate and revitalize them, to make them look better and younger. Cuticle removal is also good for blood circulation in your hands. A manicure always gives a cause of relaxation and a big help in the reduction of the appearance of wrinkles, so if you actually need to avoid and prevent your hands from growing old, then compose it a practice to trail an appropriate manicure habit.

Necessarily, a good choice nail polish is a plus for nail maintenance, shellac gel nails is can offer nice treats. It is a kind of artificial nails that can stands chipping and flaking up to 3-4 weeks, the shiny and glossy looks is very much stunning. Shellac over nail tips with nail art design is the common preference of some salon clients, for its elegant appearance.

Shellac over nail tips can also be added with some embellishment

October 25th, 2011

Nail polish chipping and recoating is very much tiring, and the answer for your problem will be the shellac gel nail polish. The application of shellac over nail tips are not a problem, no chipping at the edge for it is strong and durable. As evaluate to the common nail color the shellac gel nail polish fix to your nails for approximately 3 – 4 weeks. The majority women protest of repeated application of the nail polish remover which is an acetone and does ended up to a dry and scorch nails.

3 300x127 Shellac over nail tips can also be added with some embellishment


These are astonishing manicure stuffs begin to be peer of the realm in the cosmetic industry. They are an advantage thing for exceptionally demanding ladies or those who adore to preserve their ideal nails or who are going away on a long holiday vacation. They are now similar to a regular nail polish and come up to be in comparable container. On the other hand, their functioning is a tad dissimilar and the outcomes are basically cosmic.

With the vogue of shellac nail polishes escalating day by day so are raising the order of latest trends and designs with them. There are many innovative designs that are now out in many nail salons. Shellac over nail tips can also be added with some embellishment. By making your nails beautiful it is also an edge for you to look entirely great for combining your nail colors and design with you fashion sense.  The amazing look will maintain and can stand for a long term basis and enjoy the comfortable feeling of wearing it. Shellac nail polish looks like your natural nails; while you are wearing it your nails will be strong and durable.

This kind of nail enhancement is best in all type of nail whether your nails are long or short, but do not assume that this kind of fake nails will be a remedy for your weak and fragile nails. The natural shade does not fade at all, until having a new shellac gel nail. Although this type of gel nails are expensive comparing to other regular manicure, your money is worth paying for, because it can offer you a big deal in style.

Even though the shellac gel nail polish is a time overriding matter but it is a just right to nail painting which adds beauty to your fingers, like shellac over nail tips. The UV gel nail polish parched out promptly that you don’t have to hang around for at least half an hour in the salon or request the employees’ to get your car keys for you .

Apply shellac over nail tips and it does not chip off right away

October 25th, 2011
2 Apply shellac over nail tips and it does not chip off right away

If you are confused on how shellac nail polish is applied then this article can be a good reading material. You can apply shellac over nail tips and it does not chip off right away. This resource is a great help and will teach you on how to apply and remove shellac nail polish which is now a hype hybrid kind of gel nail polish.

The application starts with some preparation of your nails like a normal manicure in a nail salon. The nails are clean and extremely buffed by the manicurist. Two coats of shellac nail polish are brushed and after each coat your fingers will b placed in a UV lamp device, in there you the nail polish will instantly dries up.

Another step will be your part to choose what style and shellac nail polish color you will prefer to have. You can pick shellac over nail tips or apply it all over the face of your nails, combinations of color may do, and decorations are much more exciting to add. The brushing of shellac is like the application of normal nail polish then it will be cure for 2 minutes.

The most important part is the shinny finish of the nail coat. All you have to do is to clean the nails with cosmetic cleanser this will help seal the top layer of the nail polish and avoid some unwanted particles to stick up. The removal of shellac gel nail is just easy and much simple. Just drenched or soak a cotton ball in an acetone solution then put it on your nails and each finger nails will be wrapping around by the use of foil and wait for 10 minutes. After this, the shellac nail polish is already removed.

Shellac nail polish is now craze stuff in many salon clients. They are amazed with its stunning and fabulous look. This kind of new manicure will be enjoyed up a maximum week of three and the removal will be no more a hassle. It is good also to choose a manicurist that knows how to handle your request than making her own and as a result gives you some disappointments. Shellac over nail tips is simpler than other type of nail art design but if you like to make it more elegantly looking, adding some glitters or decorations will do it hotter. You can make it alternately or all your fingers, depending on your choice and comfort style.

Try shellac over nail tips or polished

October 25th, 2011

Being in a new era and age many new things are now becoming on its high post. In beauty and fashion many stylist are making numerous trending stuff that people may love. In the nail industry there are several of nail enhancement and treatments that are now a hype trend. You can choose to try shellac over nail tipsor polished your nail with shellac nail polish in a full blast.  This kind of new manicure is very essential to your nails when you are searching for a polish that can stay in a long time.

1 198x300 Try shellac over nail tips or polished


There are many varieties of nail arts that you have for your nails. If you are like to it simple but yet elegantly looking, then try a French style manicure, shellac over nail tips will not make you worried about the peeling off easily because shellac is strong bonded on your nail for many weeks, and no need to doubt in deciding to nailed for French manicure with the use of shellac nail polish. You can try to put some nail stickers if you wanted it to be livelier, or add some adornments like crystals and feathers. The shinny look of shellac nail polish does not quickly fades off and even does not fade at all.

Many nail polishes that are now available in the market that you usually use can be easily taken off after 2-3 days or even upon leaving in the salon. Some scratches and damages are more likely occur because regular nail polish is not that simple to dry up completely. In shellac nail polish, the full application is entirely done dry by means of UV light that is why it is not a problem to make use of your hands after this nail manicure is done. This kind of nail manicure is ideal to have when you are going to a party like, birthdays, baptism, wedding and any other special occasions.

Nail manicure is not only a great treat for yourself, but it is also a way of making your nails beautiful and as the same time making it healthy. Choosing a nail polish is very important, it is good to choose shellac over nail tips for it is a conventional type for it will give you a stunning look and long lasting effects. It is worthy to have shellac nail polish for it is high in quality and chic.

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